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When it comes to Real Estate sales there are many factors involved and doing them correctly ensures a successful real estate sale. When someone decides to sell, they should realize the sale now becomes business and emotions should not play a factor in the deal. Here are 3 main factors needed to sell a property in a reasonable amount of time: P - Price, the right price will bring in more buyers then a house over priced. L - Location is important for many buyers for different reasons. C - Condition, most buyers prefer remodeled homes so they don't need to invest more money unless the property is priced right with renovations cost factored in. In a rare moment, one will find a real estate buyer who wants that location due to it being close to family and will pay more than its value. Below are the types of property I have experience in selling: Residential Property Sales (Homes, Co-op's & Condo's) Commercial Property Sales Vacant Land Sales Estate Property Sales Divorce Property Sales Distressed Property Sales Investment Property Sales Difficult property sales; violations, title issues, etc Foreclosure Assistance: Real Estate Lis Pendens Real Estate Pre-Foreclosure Real Estate Foreclosure Real Estate Short Sales - Both Residential & Commercial I am Certified Lis Pendens / Foreclosure / Short Sale Specialist find out more at: www.nyespo1.com

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